How To Find The Correct Brass Hinges

Are you planning to replace your old indoor doors or outdoor doors with new ones? If you are a do it yourself enthusiast, follow videos on YouTube that provide the necessary details of fixing new doors. You first have to cut the plywood sheet to a dimension slightly shorter than that of the doorframe. It is better to leave the polishing (paint or lacquer) for the future. If you do not like tinkering with woodwork equipment, hire a carpenter for the job. However, in both cases, make sure that you purchase brass hinges instead of those made of steel. While steel hinges are equally strong, the weather corrodes them. It shall not be long before you see a surface of rust on them. A nylon hinge is out of the question, since they cannot handle the heavy weight of the door. In such a situation, brass hinges are your best bet. They are one of the best base metals to plate for the highest quality appearance and never rust. Additionally, the finishing on steel hinges does not last as long as long as on those made of brass. Apart from being functional, brass hinges can be very decorative.

Costly but lasting

You might contemplate purchasing steel hinges instead of those made of brass due to their cheap price. However, the former will not last for long and you will soon have to replace it. Also, the colour of brass gels with the colour of wood. You should also have an idea about different types of hinges, even though you might be using the standard one on your doors. The different types of hinges include:• Strap hinges• Spring hinges• Pivot hinges• Hook and eye hinges• Four bar hinges• Barrel hinges, and• Butt Hinges (you are most likely to use this one for fixing your doors to the frame)

What are hinges?

They are simple mechanical bearing devices, used to connect two parts and permit them to rotate relatively to each other about a fixed axis. The components can move with 360º freedom or within a limited arc, depending on the type selected. You can use these devices for multiple applications including lids, window shutters, gates, and doors. You can find hinges in a wide range of product specifications such as load capacity, limited space restrictions, half or full mortise, mounting style, internal versus external placement (your doors will need the internal placement type), and decorative versus functional purposes).

How to find the correct brass hinges

It is best to leave the decision to the carpenter if you plan to use his services. However, if you want to do the job yourself, you should have the idea about the type of hinge you will use for your doors. You will be using the "butt" hinges for this purpose. A quick search of the internet will provide you with details of different sizes of butt hinges, their dimensions, and their load bearing capacity. Search for a hardware store located close to you and purchase the brass hinges from there.